Tunisia enters a comprehensive quarantine and closes states to confront Corona

On Saturday, Tunisian Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi decided to announce a comprehensive quarantine and close the states that are witnessing a large spread of the new Corona virus.

And according to what was stated in a statement by the Presidency of the Government, Al-Mashishi decided, starting Sunday, to announce a comprehensive quarantine and “close the states that have an infection rate of more than 400 residents per 100,000 residents.”

The statement indicated that the decision was made Following the development of the epidemiological situation in Kairouan.

It was also decided to establish regional isolation centers for positive cases and field hospitals to take care of early detected cases, in addition to strengthening first-line structures for early care of cases and ensuring the availability of oxygen.

The government also announced the organization of intensive field campaigns to investigate suspects and isolate positive cases and those in contact, in addition to strengthening the capabilities of laboratories and intensifying genetic cutting to identify the spread strains and the awareness of mutated strains, if any.

The Tunisian Prime Minister also called for the intensification of extensive field vaccination campaigns.

For at least two weeks, the state of Kairouan has witnessed a great crisis in light of the growing spread of the Corona virus, as the regional director of health in Kairouan, Mohamed Rouis, confirmed that the percentage of positive tests among the total tests reached 50 percent.

As confirmed by Wali Kairouan Mohamed Bourguiba, that the epidemiological situation in the state is “very dangerous,” noting that the number of patients exceeds the capacity of the hospitals.