Turah Will Report Harassment Case Whistleblower to Police

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Students from Indonesia in Russia who are also known as YouTubers, Turah parthayana, will report the owner of the twitter account @ Sandi_sa119 or the Chairman of the Indonesian Student Association (PPI) Kota Arkhangelsk, Sandi Saputra, to police.

He considered Sandi’s thread about alleged sexual harassment on his account as slander and provocation that harmed his good name.

“Because there is no good faith and instead continue the Tweet to spread, such as sex predators, abuse of many victims, without clear evidence,” he said in a video uploaded on his Youtube channel, Sunday (10/8).

“Therefore I Turah Parthayana will take legal steps and report the code brother to the police,” he continued.

Previously, on Wednesday (5/8) night, Sandi, through his Twitter account, revealed a case of alleged sexual harassment by Turah.

Sandi claimed to be a representative of the victim, who had various evidence of Turah’s abuse of other Indonesian students with the initials JA. Both Turah and JA are registered as Indonesian citizens in the city of Tomsk, Russia.

Furthermore, Turah claimed that the problem of sexual harassment had been resolved through mediation. He also admitted that he had received some of the consequences of the incident.

Because of this, he questioned Sandi’s motivation to bring up the incident again.

“So I questioned what was the motivation for the coder and the JA to bring up this issue again on Twitter,” he said.

In the uploaded video, Turah also denied some of the initial chronology from JA, which said that he was the one who invited JA to watch horror films.

“Chronology one, from the JA said I was the one who invited to watch first. Even though I already have chat dm (direct message) from JA, he is the one invite me first. I think we are each other invite. I’m not the one desperate, “he said in the video.

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