Turin, 18 years old commits suicide: an investigation opened to determine whether he was a victim of homophobia or bullying

The Turin prosecutor has opened a file on the death of an eighteen year old who took his own life last Sunday by throwing himself under a train between the stations of Lingotto e Moncalieri. It is investigated for instigation to commit suicide, at the moment without suspects, to establish whether the boy was a victim of bullying o di homophobia.

“He did not stand up to the offenses, we want justice,” explains the family. The story of the young man, who left no explanation, is reported by the newspaper The print. Among the numerous messages of condolence arrived on his Instagram account there are also some insults and even a “Dead have gay“. One hypothesis is that the boy did not stand up to the judgments and insults he received. “He had been already as a child victim of bullies – the mother points out – she didn’t tell me everything, but I felt that there was something wrong ”. “The problem of closed minds and open mouths,” he wrote last March. “With the judgment of the people I make wonderful confetti”, a friend replied.

Some friends have reported that “They made fun of him because he was homosexual”, while his brother tells the Turin newspaper that the young man had confessed to him that he was worried and “that he was afraid of some people”. Meanwhile, the parents ask justice. “We are looking for the truth – explains the mother on social media – my son has never been alone”. “I never thought of an extreme gesture, not of his own will, he was not a person who thought of taking his own life, on the contrary he knew that when he was 18 he could make his own choices. Today I think it was deceived, mocked and humiliated, with a character so fragile ”he continues. The agents captured the messages and talked to the teachers at the professional school the boy attended to become a bartender and waiter, as well as with his classmates and friends.

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