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Turin-Cagliari 1-1: for Europe it is a question of centimeters

A stop that hurts. Il Torno does and undoes with its own hands a match of capital importance at the Olimpico: a 1-1 that hurts and that, at this point of the season, could weigh a lot in terms of qualifying for the next Europa League. Everything happens in the second half: Pavoletti responds to Zaza, with the latter sent off like Pellegrini and Barella from Cagliari. But the choices made by Irrati will be discussed.

SOPORIFIC – The first half begins with a sparkling bull. The grenade is immediately close to the goal of the advantage with Baselli, who hits from inside the penalty area but sees denied the joy of the goal by a super intervention by Cragno, who puts in a corner with the tip of his fingertips. Cagliari responds 3 ′ later with Ionita: a powerful left-footer from outside the box that breaks the top of the crossbar. After these two flashes the match suddenly goes out and the pace of the game drastically drops. At 35 'we think Irrati is infuriating the Olimpico: an obvious push by Pellegrini on Izzo inside the Sardinian penalty area but for the referee there are no extremes for the penalty. Doubts remain regarding the decision not to view the images from the Field Field On Review.

RANSOM – With the first time spent in cavalry with no goals on both sides, Torino returns to the field in the second half with the knowledge that they can only win to give rise to their European hopes. At 47 'Meité tries from outside, for Cragno. The grenade push and the goal arrives at 52 ': Zaza is the quickest to pounce on the cross of Izzo and with a paw beats Cragno. Uncontainable joy for the number 11 which, after a first time as an ectoplasm, finds the third goal of its season. At 28 'of the second half still protagonist Zaza, this time in negative. The former Valencia disputes the choice of Irrati, who sends him prematurely in the locker room with a red card. Cagliari then takes courage and at 75 'finds the equal: Pavoletti's header, which stands in the area and scores the 1-1 goal. Irrati stops everything for alleged offside, but after reporting the Var, validates the network of the number 30 Cagliari. Izzo keeps the Sardinian striker in play for a matter of centimeters. In the final away Mazzarri. The game then becomes incandescent: red also arrives for Pellegrini (double yellow) and Barella, with the two teams finishing the race in 10 against 9. Cragno, at 95 ', also rejects the last ring of Baselli on a free kick. It ends like this: Torino fails to win and loses yet another chance for the Europa League race. And today's result could weigh more than others.


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