Thousands of people gathered this morning in Piazza Castello, a turin, to participate in the event in favor of the construction of the Tav promoted by the Facebook group "Yes, Turin goes on". According to the organizers, the participants would be at least 40 thousand.

The group "Yes, Turin goes forward" was born a few days after the approval in the City Council of the day with which the City has officially expressed its opposition to the Tav. In the square were not seen party symbols, but only flags of Europe and hundreds of cartels, including some that challenge the no to enlargement of the LTZ. You can also see some flags of the 2006 Olympics: the Piedmontese capital was excluded from the Italian candidature for the Winter Games 2026.

"From today nothing will be more like before, because it will change the climate around the great works to revive the economy". These are the words of the former undersecretary for transport Mino Giachino, promoter of the Yes Tav petition, which has exceeded 60 thousand subscriptions in the last hours. "In this square – he explained – there is a GDP that is around 20-30 million euro", commenting on the presence of local entrepreneurs and production forces.

Sonos took to the streets also some Piedmontese parliamentarians of the Alloy: Elena Maccanti, Alessandro Benvenuto, Gualtiero Cassaratto and Marzia Casolati. This their comment: "Our participation in the event is above all a sign of respect and attention towards the Piedmontese productive and entrepreneurial world that today has decided to take to the streets and which obviously shows an uneasiness. We are elected parliamentarians in the province of Turin, we represent a political force of government that wants to dialogue"And the secretary of the Lega of Turin, Fabrizio Ricca, takes a position in favor of the Tav: "We are in favor of great works and we believe the Turin Lyon line is fundamental and strategic for Piedmont and for the whole country. We respect the commitments made with the 5 Star Movement, which asked for an in-depth analysis on how to carry out the work through a cost and benefit analysis, but we strongly reaffirm that the work must be carried out".

In Piazza Castello, many demonstrators dressed in orange, the color chosen by the organizers of the initiative "Yes, Torino va avantì". In the square also 20 mayors of Val Susa, as well as exponents of the economic world of the city and many ordinary citizens. The anthem of Italy closed the morning, while the organizers greet with a promise: "It does not end here, the battle for the Tav goes on".

The mayor of Turin, Chiara Appendino, wrote a post on his personal blog after the event: "My door is open and will always remain in. Today, in Piazza Castello – net of different political sensibilities – criticisms have been raised, which I welcome, but there were also a lot of positive energy ". The first citizen concludes: "I am ready to discuss already from next week and to establish a constructive dialogue on tomorrow's Turin, even with those who have a different vision from ours".


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