Turkey expels seven Syrian refugees over “sp…


Turkey announced Thursday that it has arrested seven Syrians. The seven are said to have ridiculed Turkey in a video shared on social media. Turkey now orders an expulsion.


The Syrians are accused of “spotting with the Turks” in a “provocative” video on social media. The controversy started with an online video about an altercation between a young Syrian refugee and some Turks. A Turkish man approaches the woman and complains about how he has no money to buy bananas, but the Syrian woman buys kilos of them.

The woman tries to explain that migrants like her can decide what they spend their money on, but a Turkish woman joins the conversation and tries to silence the refugee. “Go back to Syria! Go fight there! We are not fleeing our country, you should try that too,” the Turkish man shouted.


In response to this video, some Syrian refugees posted a video of them eating a banana. Several accounts on Twitter reacted angrily, saying that the Syrians are “laughing at the Turks’ economic malaise”.

The seven Syrians are now forced to return to Syria, even though war is still raging there, Turkish migration authorities said.

Turkey is home to approximately 3.7 million Syrian refugees. Xenophobia is increasing due to the economic crisis. In mid-August, a mob in Ankara attacked several more Syrians.