Turkey, Sweden and Finland will continue the talks in NATO after a first meeting without progress

The delegations of Turkey, Sweden and Finland have finished without progress in the meeting called by NATO to unlock the accession of the Nordic countries to the military alliance, although more meetings will follow, NATO said in a statement.

Invited by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, senior Turkish, Swedish and Finnish officials have discussed in Brussels the security concerns expressed by Ankarawhich alleges links between Stockholm and Helsinki with the terrorist group Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), to veto the opening of their accession negotiations.

“I welcome the constructive meeting held this Monday on the historic requests of Finland and Sweden to join NATO,” said the former Norwegian prime minister, who understands that the two Scandinavian countries will make the alliance “stronger” but, in turn, he has asked to address Ankara’s “legitimate concerns” in terms of terrorism.

“We will continue talks on the NATO request of Sweden and Finland and I hope to find a way out as soon as possible,” said NATO’s political chief.

In recent weeks, diplomatic contacts have multiplied, also at NATO level, to unblock the situation and achieve progress, although Within the organization they already rule out setting the Madrid appointment as a deadline to clear the Turkish blockade. “Discussions will continue in the coming days,” the Euro-Atlantic organization said in a statement.

Turkey’s reticence with regard to Sweden and Finland has ruined the option of an ‘express’ accession of both Scandinavian countries, which applied to join the military alliance in May in response to Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.