Sports Turki Al-Sheikh assures his fans of his health with...

Turki Al-Sheikh assures his fans of his health with a “picture” after surgery in New York


Counselor Turki Al Sheikh, head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, was keen to reassure his fans throughout the Arab world of his health, and he was also keen to give thanks to everyone who asked about his health during the last period after he was exposed to a health problem and subsequently entered a hospital in New York, and there he conducted Some medical examinations and received the necessary treatment, as everyone demanded not to heed the rumors and false news that are repeated during the past hours, which amounted to news of the death of Turki Al-Sheikh, before he denied it himself.

Turki Al-Sheikh reassures his fans of his health

And Turki Al-Sheikh published a photo of him through his official account on the famous image and video site “Instagram”, which is his first photo after performing a careful surgery in a hospital in New York, USA, and Turki Al-Sheikh was keen to comment on it, saying to his fans in a brief message: “I thank Everyone who asked about me is fine and you do not hear the rumors. ”For their part, many followers were keen to interact with what was published by Turki Al-Sheikh, calling for him to recover quickly and return quickly to his country Saudi Arabia again in order to start his work that serves the Saudi homeland.

Turki Al-Sheikh conducts surgery in New York

Chancellor Turki Al Sheikh left the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the past few days, and went to the United States of America, specifically New York State, on a medical trip during which he underwent surgery, during the celebrations of the Riyadh season.


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