Turki Al-Sheikh issues a decision to investigate the debts of the Crescent


Zahira Adel Facebook Twitter Turkish President of the Saudi General Authority for Sport (SAGA) held a meeting with Sami al-Jaber, president of the new Saudi club Al-Hilal, late on Monday.
The meeting came to discuss the important files of the leader, especially the debt file, and the Chairman decided to open an investigation into the debts of the Crescent, which amounted to 68 million riyals between cases and arrears of financial arrears. “There are 13 million accumulated debts on the Crescent, 47 million late salaries and 8 million riyals of foreign affairs on the club, the debt accumulated on the Crescent, This is worrying to any new board of directors, so Turki al-Sheikh promised to stand with al-Jaber fully and work with them to settle these debts. It will work on how these debts come and accumulate in this way, especially as they threaten the crescent with sanctions. ” Related Materials Al-Jaber was assigned to assume the presidency of the Crescent for one season, commissioned by Turki Al-Sheikh after the resignation of former club president Nawaf bin Saad.


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