Turkish army announces the encirclement of Afrin in Syria

Turkish army announces the encirclement of Afrin in Syria

Latest Update: Tuesday, March 26, 2018 KSA Hundreds of people fled the city after Turkish troops were on their outskirts

Advertise # Army-Turkish On Tuesday, that his forces had cordoned off a city # Afrin Located north of Syria. The army said its forces and Syrian opposition fighters had besieged the town in northern Syria. For its part, announced the units to protect the Kurdish people that Turkey is bombing all the roads leading to Afrin. The units also denied what it called Turkey’s claims about cordon off the area. She stressed that the publication of Ankara news of the encirclement of the city is purely “propaganda.”

The Turkish foreign minister said that the United States and Turkey would accompany the Kurdish fighters who were withdrawn from Iraq # Incredible in Syria. And he said #Mold_chawosh_oglu America and Turkey will take a decision on a road map for Manbaj of Syria on 19 March. The Turkish minister stressed that his country and the United States will secure Mnbj, and noted that Ankara will carry out a military operation in the event of failure of the plan. A spokesman for the Turkish government had said on Monday, That his country will soon cleanse the town of # Afrin Syrian Of the “militants”, and they already controlled more than half the area. “We have cleared 1102 square kilometers in Afrin from the terrorists,” spokesman Bakr Bouzdaj told reporters. Hundreds of civilians fled Monday from the town of Afrin With the Kurdish majority after the Turkish forces on its outskirts, at a time waiting for dozens of cars to allow them to cross into areas controlled by the forces of the regime, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Since January 20, Turkey and its pro-Syrian factions have launched a wide-scale offensive against the Afrin region, which they say is aimed at #Change_protection_products Which it classifies as “terrorist”. Turkish forces took over 60 percent of the area and reached the outskirts of the densely populated city of Afrin Saturday. The city is suffering from a “tragic humanitarian situation,” Kurdish officials said, and the approach of Turkish troops increased, fearing they would be subjected to a full siege or ground assault.

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