Turkish authorities arrested 24 people suspected of being a thief
Terrorist organization in 11 states.

A statement from the State Prosecutor's Office in Diyarbakir state, southeast Turkey,
Said on Monday that security operations carried out in 11 states, against people belonging to the organization is calling
The terrorists, were transferring funds to Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Indonesia and Libya.

The statement added: "arrested 24 suspects, and seized 579.608 thousand dollars,
€ 5285, 1.8 million Turkish lira, 124,000 Syrian pounds, 36 mobile phones and 18 devices
Computer, and 10 hard disks ".

Accusing Turkey of being responsible for the attacks in the country, he was
The bloodiest of which are two suicide bombings against a Kurdish community in 2015 before Ankara Central Station
Of the trains, 103 killed and more than 500 injured.



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