The Californians seek to foster conservative leaders and cause them to gather in Sacramento on Sunday ahead of the election plan on Tuesday, possibly setting the stage for a clash with protesters.

The organizers of the "Turn California Red" rally say that the supporters will gather in front of the state capitol at 1pm. Local time. According to the California Highway Patrol, the organizers received a permit for up to 500 people to attend the event.

"Let us show these democratic politicians that we are no longer silent and their seats are no longer safe," it says on the events page.

On Saturday night, 150 people had announced their participation, and more than 650 said they were interested.

The rally comes as some Californian conservatives have grown tired of the state's liberal policies. Event planners said the Democrats had made the state "uninhabitable for ordinary citizens."

But the Sunday rally could lead to a counter-protest. An anti-fascist group called Antifa Sacramento warned its members on the group's Facebook page that "rights are descending from the right." The group called on people to "act against bigotry," as long as they "can intervene in the event of street harassment or attacks."

Event organizer Chris Ross confirmed to the Sacramento Bee that the rally is perceived as rhetoric by conservatives. In the face of a Florida man allegedly sending bombs to several Democratic politicians and liberals.

"In the midst of recent events, some feel discouraged to go in the middle and into this rally," he wrote. "We can not and will not allow a man's actions to influence our passion to fulfill our mission. Stay on course, patriots. "

He urged people on the event site to refrain from inflammatory rhetoric in order to endanger the event.

He also wrote that all signs and flags must be mounted on scales – without tubes, thick posts or "anything in this category," he wrote.

Sacramento officials are expected to be on high alert, the San Diego-Union Tribune reported.

In 2016, violent clashes erupted as white nationalists and skinheads clashed with counter-protesters at a neo-Nazi rally in the State Capitol. Seven people were stabbed and the building was enclosed with staff and tourists.

Other collectors have escalated into chaotic violence, such as a rally in Huntington Beach, California, where supporters of President Trump and opposing demonstrators were violently confronted.


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