Turn in the cause? They spread a video in which Nahir Galarza denounced that she had been abused in a wasteland

The family of Nahir Galarza, who was sentenced to life in prison for the crime of her boyfriend Fernando Pastorizo, exhibited a video of the young woman when she was 16 years old, in which she denounces having been abused by at least two men in a wasteland.

The images were published on YouTube by Jorge Zonzini, a man who assumed the role of spokesman for the Galarza family, who said that the murdered young man is involved in the complaint and described the recording as a “unexpected turn” in the cause.

In the video, which was edited without much clarity, Nahir Galarza hints that she was taken to a wasteland by at least two men, who was “checked”, while she was almost unconscious for having vanished after feeling a strong smell, and then It ended up dirty, with dirt and blood stains.

According to Zonzini, the video was hidden by the “complicity of Entre Ríos politics, justice and the media.”


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