TV CAR NEWS TESTED: Volkswagen ID.5 coupe magical elegance (+ VIDEO)

The Volkswagen ID.5 is the latest addition to Volkswagen’s zero-emissions fleet, with the exception of the ID Buzz of buses belonging to the commercial vehicle division. Technically ID.5 is based on Volkswagen ID.4, but differs externally with a chamfered rear and lower air resistance.

Aldis Zelmenis: “You will agree that the rear of the coupe gives the electric car a special taste. It also suits it. The classic-drive Volkswagen ID.5 Pro and Pro Performance have a turning radius of 10.2 meters, while the all-wheel-drive GTX is almost a meter and a half longer. “
Apparently, the addition of an electric motor and axles to the front wheels has the same effect as internal combustion cars, which have been converted from all-wheel drive to all-wheel drive. Unusually, the GTX is also shorter and taller than other ID.5. The question is, how many are there at all? Watch more in the TV Auto News story.

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