TV criticism to the game against the Saudis: DFB Sultan Bierdogan and a lot of conversation

TV criticism to the game against the Saudis: DFB Sultan Bierdogan and a lot of conversation

90 minutes relaxed chats: ARD commentator Gerd Gottlob. © Screenshot ARD / FKN During the test kick of the DFB selection against Saudi Arabia, the ARD was able to rehearse its World Cup suitability. Bierhoff became emotional, Bommes invented a new noun and Hitzlsperger delivered a political swipe regarding Olli Kahn. Leverkusen – 2014 was the first television world champion, thanks to Tom Bartels, who miterzielte the Finaltor by Mario Götze quasi “Do it, do it! He makes it! “Long time ago, for Idol and for now. Before the World Cup in Russia ARD did not get their dream experts, and now goes into the tournament with Thomas Hitzlsperger, Stefan Kuntz and Hannes Wolf. It feels a bit like dreaming of the candlelight dinner with Jennifer Aniston and then comes Vroni Ferres. Where: The Vroni has also made beautiful films, we just do not think of one. Here is the World Championship form check for the ARD. The moderator: Alex Bommes had to be folded by DFB Sultan Bierdogan, whose understanding of press freedom seems to be deeply rooted in Ankara. With the topic Özil, decreed the beer dog , must be finished. Bommes bravely opposed: “We are neither for whitewashing nor for Unternteppichkehrung”, which is a neat new noun. Otherwise: Yes mei, the Bommes stop. His observation of the comeback goalkeeper: “Manuel Neuer, very forward-looking, he is purely sprungert here.” But you have to be grateful for any game that is not moderated by Delling. Hitzlsperger sends greetings to politics and arms industry The expert: Despite Ferres comparison a strong and courageous idea of ​​Thomas Hitzlsperger. The Munich is indeed a DFB Ambassador for Diversity, but that did not prevent him from clarifying. His brutal verdict on Özil: “The personality development has not kept pace with what he has shown on the court.” Even a political swipe he dared, potzblitz! Hitz on the Saudis, who have hired Oliver Kahn as goalkeeping coach: “They do what they love to do, they commit German defense systems.” With regards to politics and weapons industry! It was over late in the evening: TV criticism of Austria against Germany Commentator: GRD GTTLB, as it’s called in DFB (“ZSMMN”), chatted relaxedly through the 90 minutes. He tried not to tackle Jogis Schongang-elf too hard, but let it be seen that there was plenty of room for improvement. Funniest saying: “Overall, of course, this is not a huge pace, and very high speed, but partially of course already.” He could have barely escaped a kick-off by the DFB Sultan.

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