TV excitement – ​​Rosencrantz prefers to talk about Corona – politics

On Wednesday there was a TV duel between the Hofburg candidates on Puls 4. Walter Rosenkranz caused a stir in the discussion with Dominik Wlazny.

Four days before the federal presidential election, the candidates for the federal presidential election met in 15 short duels at Puls 4. The discussion between Dominik Wlazny and Walter Rosenkranz was actually about climate protection. The FPÖ candidate emphasized that he had already taken part in a climate demo in Krems. He also criticized the fact that millions were spent on energy-saving campaigns.

Wlazny: “It’s not a bad election”

Wlazny, on the other hand, supports Leonore Gewessler’s campaign and in turn criticized the fact that her energy-saving tips are being ridiculed. In the middle of the discussion, however, Rosenkranz wanted to know from Wlazny why he was running against Alexander Van der Bellen, since he had chosen him last time.

“You probably wouldn’t vote for me either,” said the FPÖ politician. Rosenkranz didn’t find Wlazny’s comment that the election of the Federal President was “not a snap election” quite so funny. He comments on the statement with a dry “haha funny”.

“I have been told that there is room for personal questions”

Towards the end of the duel it got really bizarre. Because suddenly Rosencrantz no longer wanted to talk about climate protection. “I was told that there is room for personal questions,” he told moderator Gundula Geiginger. But according to her, that was not the case.

Rosencrantz spoke to Wlazny about the topic of corona vaccinations. “You vaccinated visitors yourself before a concert. Did you enlighten these young people properly?” The FPÖ candidate wanted to know from the Turbobier singer. He said yes and said that two other doctors were present. The moderator then interrupted and recalled that the discussion was actually about climate protection.

More TV excitement between the candidates

In the course of the duels, there were more heated scenes. Tassilo Wallentin accused his opponent Gerald Grosz that his approach would immediately lead to a vote on whether he should be dismissed and “by December at the latest you would then be in early retirement”. Grosz countered that the Federal President would not be sworn in until January and that he could not be removed in December and that the removal would take place through a referendum: “Learn the constitution.”

Michael Brunner (MFG) and Walter Rosenkranz (FPÖ), on the other hand, each claimed to be the only truly independent and not a “system candidate”. Whoever votes for Brunner, votes for him and “not a billionaire or the Kronen Zeitung,” according to Brunner. How the “system deals with the FPÖ” shows that he is not a system candidate, Rosencrantz explained in turn, he has the most political experience “of all” of all candidates.

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