TV Guide: Saturday Night Movie and TV Show Line-Up (May 28)

13.25 / Be Mad

‘The wind and the Lion’

The wind and the lion. United States, 1975 (113 minutes). Director: John Millius. Cast: Sean Connery, John Huston, Candice Bergen, Brian Keith.

John Milius tried to pay homage to the classic adventure cinema. This, his second film as a director, centers his attention on the kidnapping of a beautiful American woman by an Arab sheik who is captivated by her beauty. Good cast, headed by Sean Connery, for an attractive and original mix of romance and adventure.

15.30 / Neox

‘The nucleus’

The core. United States-United Kingdom, 2003 (129 minutes). Director: Jon Amiel. Cast: Aaron Eckhar, Hilary Swank, Stanley Tucci.

Director of Sommersby it goes to catastrophic cinema. With a cast of proven quality, Jon Amiel speculates with the hypothesis that the Earth’s core stops rotating, which entails a series of terrible consequences for life on the surface (the Golden Gate sinks, the walls of the Coliseum…). A novel idea, but with a staging too seen.

15.30 / Be Mad

‘The Legend of Bagger Vance’

The legend of Bagger Vance. United States, 2000 (115 minutes). Director: Robert Redford. Cast: Will Smith, Matt Damon, Charlize Theron.

A disillusioned World War I veteran (Matt Damon) enters a golf tournament where he meets a quirky caddy (Will Smith) who shows him how to get his swing back and, more importantly, his zest for life. With this argument begins an unbalanced drama directed, in one of his less fortunate works, by Robert Redford.

15.40 / Four


Maleficent. United States, 2014 (97 minutes). Director: Robert Stromberg. Cast: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Juno Temple.

The sleeping beauty of the forest, Perrault’s famous tale, lives here an original revision that gives all the weight of the show to Maleficent, a young fairy whose heart was hardened by circumstances until it turned into stone. The person in charge of giving life to this dark character is a more than convincing Angelina Jolie.

17.45 / The Sixth

‘Deep impact’

United States, 1998. Director: Mimi Leder. Cast: Tea Leoni, Robert Duvall, Elijah Wood, Vanessa Redgrave, Maximilian Schell, Morgan Freeman.

Effective and very entertaining catastrophic drama that investigates the danger that looms over all humanity due to a meteorite that travels directly to Earth. Produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Mimi Leder (The peacemaker), this story stands apart from the bulk of the production by giving prominence to the personal dramas of its main characters, although without neglecting its successful special effects. She does not miss it because she is worth it.

17.45 / Be Mad

‘The Sun’s empire’

Empire of the sun. United States, 1987 (152 minutes). Director: Steven Spielberg. Cast: Christian Bale, John Malkovich, Nigel Havers.

Although at first David Lean was going to be in charge of filming this adaptation of JG Ballard’s autobiographical novel, Steven Spielberg was finally chosen, so the story lost much of the acidity that the original treasured. Despite everything, the story of a child separated from his parents during the invasion of China by the Japanese in World War II presents some interesting constants in the cinema of the famous director.

18.50 / The 2

The San Sebastián gardens of Cristina Enea and Miramar

In this new installment of gardens with history The protagonist will be a plant from Cristina Enea’s garden, a horsetail, one of the oldest in the paleobotanical record, since fossils of her relatives have been found from around 400 million years ago. Horsetails have a rhizome from which sprout stems divided into nodes. Its common name, horsetail, alludes to the fact that its stems were as hard as horse bristles.

19.40 / Movistar Premieres

‘Decision to Leave’

Heojil kyolshimaka. South Korea, 2022 (138 minutes). Director: Park Chan-wook. Cast: Tang Wei, Park Hae-Il, Park Yong-woo.

The impossible love story between a policeman in charge of investigating the mysterious death of a man and the main suspect, the wife of the deceased (a role played by a seductive and priceless Tang Wei), served the well-known Park Chan-wook (Old Boy) to carry out this labyrinthine and enveloping intrigue with echoes of the master of suspense, the great Alfred Hitchcock. A masterful staging and a sensual atmosphere full of imagination do the rest. Award for best direction at the Cannes Film Festival.

21.25 / 1

Racism in football, in ‘Weekly report’

The racist insults to Vinicius Jr., the Real Madrid striker, have put Spanish football and part of society at the center of a problem that goes back a long way: racism and intolerance in sport. The condemnation has been unanimous, also beyond our borders. From the UN, the Biden government or that of Lula da Silva, which has highlighted the origins of the Brazilian player and has asked FIFA and the Spanish League for measures. In this installment, Weekly report opens this edition with the report Racism in soccer? where he analyzes what happened last Sunday at Mestalla, with the insults directed at the Merengue soccer player Vinicius Jr. In his second report, enlightened talent, addresses this profession on the rise that is facing the challenge of Artificial Intelligence.

21.45 / The Sixth

Steps to follow to undertake in Spain

This Saturday, the Sixth Explica! analyzes the great adventure of undertaking in Spain. It will answer questions such as whether we are a country of entrepreneurs, if we do it out of necessity or by vocation, how many companies are created and how many survive. In addition, solutions to the problem of racism in our country will be analyzed and proposed and the importance of the municipal and regional elections on Sunday and what is at stake in them will be discussed.

21.50 / 1

Queen’s Cup Final

Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid play the final of the Copa de la Reina 2023 tonight at the Butarque de Leganés stadium. The madridistas qualified for the first final in their history in this competition after beating Athletic Bilbao 0-4, with a brace from Caroline Weir. The mattresses, for their part, obtained the same result against Alhama, managed to get into a final four years later and choose to lift a trophy that they already won in 2016.

21.55 / Paramount Channel

‘The secret of the Grimm brothers’

The brothers Grimm. United States, 2005 (118 minutes). Director: Terry Gilliam. Performers: Matt Damon, Jonathan Pryce, Heath Ledger.

Terry Gilliam remains faithful to his way of understanding cinema in this adventure, full of magical visual effects and distantly inspired by the universe created by the Grimm brothers in a multitude of tales that have been perpetuated for generations. This film, which counts as its best asset with its good cast, was nominated for the Golden Lion at the Venice Festival.

22.00 / Telecinco

‘Got Talent: All-Stars’ welcomes Luis Zahera

Luis Zahera’s art to create unforgettable characters has been amply accredited in the more than 35 films and almost 40 series in which he has participated. Now, the winner of two Goya Awards and two Cannes Festival Jury Awards will have the opportunity to demonstrate his ability to appreciate the talent of others in his role as a guest judge in the sixth Auditions of Got Talen: All-Stars. The actor who gives life to Ezequiel in entrevias will be in charge of choosing one of the two finalists of the night and this time it will be Edurne who will determine the identity of the second among the three most voted for by the audience on the set.

22.10 / Antena 3

Last ‘Blind auditions in ‘La Voz Kids’

The last night of the blind auditions and the coaches of The voice Kids They have to shut down their teams. Aitana has four free places, three Sebastián Yatra and two Rosario and David Bisbal. This sixth gala will begin with the performance of the four coaches, a magical moment in which David and Aitana will interpret if you want it, and Rosario and Yatra will sing Dharma. But this will have only just begun, the young woman who found out about her participation in the auditions while she was in the audience will perform, the son of Jonathan Santiago, an artist who reached the Direct of The voice last year in Antonio Orozco’s team. The blockades will continue to make people talk. There will also be several curious musical moments, one will be starred by Aitana and Yatra with a talent singing lifeless heart and another only the Colombian singer with a contestant interpreting how to look at you.

23.56 /#0

Tribute to Tina Turner

On May 24, Tina Turner passed away at the age of 83. She leaves behind her an important musical legacy and an example of courage and self-improvement. This is the definitive documentary on the queen of rock. In the fall of 1981, Tina Turner gave an interview to the music editor of People magazine. Five years earlier, she had been divorced from Ike Turner, her husband and musical partner of 16 years, and almost no one knew why. The story she told was a harrowing account of the abuse and torture she had experienced and the literal flight she made one night after years of mistreatment. Directed by Oscar winners Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin, Tina is an intimate and revealing look at the queen of rock’s unlikely journey through life and how her story of survival impacted both audiences and herself.

0.07 / AXN Movies

‘The Snoopers’

Sneakers. United States, 1992 (126 minutes). Director: Phil Alden Robinson. Cast: Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd, Ben Kingsley, Mary McDonnell, River Phoenix.

With a luxury cast, in which the presence of Robert Redford and River Phoenix stands out, this careful story is presented that focuses its attention on the world of espionage and computing. Plot approaches from the 1960s for a tape that has some footage left over. As interesting as wasted.

1.35 / #0

‘Pulp fiction’

United States, 1994 (147 minutes). Director: Quentin Tarantino. Cast: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel.

Quentin Tarantino once again shows his genius in this outstanding action film, which won, among other awards, the Oscar for Best Screenplay and the Palme d’Or at Cannes. Sex, drugs, a powerful soundtrack and some curious gangsters capture the attention of this action-packed story, which brought to life the figure of John Travolta, perfectly seconded by Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman and Harvey Keitel. Essential.

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