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Riddled with useless visual effects, this documentary by Michel Cymes devoted to Nazi doctors annoys more than it teaches (on France 2 at 23:05).
The world | 30.01.2018 at 17:15 • Updated 30.01.2018 at 17:31 | By Christine Rousseau
Documentary on la France 2 to 23 h 05
After that of the high Nazi dignitaries, a second trial was opened in Nuremberg on December 9, 1946, under the authority of the Americans, in which twenty-three doctors, nurses and administrators were accused, among other things, of crimes against humanity. This trial , Michel Cymes chose it as a red thread and a visual framework for Hippocrates in hell: a documentary that essentially takes up the subject of his book published by Stock in 2015, in which he tried to understand Throughout their journey, how practitioners and scientists had, in conscience, flouted the famous oath.
Wakeup call
When he is not filmed serious and penetrated Auschwitz or the camp of Struthof, Michel Cymes calls in the courtroom the main figures of the Nazi medical horror. Through Karl Gebhardt, in charge of “Operation T4” aimed at exterminate the mentally handicapped, Carl Clauberg, gynecologist specialized in infertility officiating at Auschwitz and Ravensbrück, or Joseph Mengele, this documentary details the various types of experiments carried out for military or eugenic purposes on deportees. With the support of multiple archives – including testimonies of survivors – and the lighting of German, British and French historians. Those of Yves Ternon and Johann Chapoutot on the Nazi regime and ideology are not the least precious in the middle of this film full of useless effects.
Because if the intention of Michel Cymes to lavish after his book, a booster is commendable, what has he seen before the excellent documentaries Emil Weiss ( Criminal Doctors, Auschwitz ) or Catherine Bernstein ( T4, a doctor under Nazism ). He would have learned the necessary sobriety, both in the commentary and the in images, in pictures , what does this subject call? And a real point of view of author. All things that are cruelly lacking in this bloated film of emphasis and grandiloquence. Without speak an animation “gadget” archives and a vain incarnation. All highlighted by the music of the Capuçon Quartet, whose tight shots often adorn the film until the exasperation, making him to lose much of its pedagogical significance.
Hippocrates in hell , by Jean-Pierre Devillers (Fr., 2017, 80 min).

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