TV host Rachael Ray’s house burns down

The chef and television host, Rachael Ray, is safe after his New York home caught fire Sunday night. This was made known by the authorities and later she confirmed it on her social networks.

Rachael Ray, her husband John Cusimano and their dog were resting in a house on Lake Luzerne when the fire occurred.

Ray, her husband John Cusimano and their dog were at home on Lake Luzerne on Sunday when the fire broke out.

“Everyone was able to get out safely. There were no injuries, which was good. Right now, we are in the process of determining what the cause may be. It’s nothing suspicious, but we are looking to determine what caused it, ”Brian LaFleure, county fire coordinator and director of emergency services, told CNN.

The fire, of which the origin is not yet known, mainly damaged the main house on the property.

“Rachael, her husband John and their dog Bella are safe. Her home was sadly damaged and we are in the process of accessing to what extent. I am happy to provide updates as I know, ”said the representative of Rachael Ray.

Ray assured that he was fine through his social networks.

“Thankful that my mom, my husband, my dog ​​are all well. These are the days when we all have to be grateful for what we have, not for what we have lost, ”the chef tweeted.

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