The beginning of the 21st century brought us year 2000, mobile phones, the 24-hour news cycle and Scrubs, Another cult classic, this time in the medical world, Scrubs was a magical drive through the eyes of a group of medical interns at Sacred Heart Hospital. The show was praised for its quick wit, slapstick comedy, outrageous fantasy sequences, and surprisingly effective drama, and was hugely popular due to its eight-year season.

That's right, eight seasons. What's this? There is a ninth season? No, no, you have to talk about something else. This last episode of Season Eight ended so beautifully, so perfectly, that nobody was fool enough to revive something with such a well-executed graduation.

Except, yes, they went there. Farewell to most of the main characters, Scrubs returned with a new med school environment and a new cast of student characters in one of the greatest faces of television history. Needless to say, Ninth Season was a great show that had stayed on the dot for such a long time, leaving the trail of the original premise far behind. It did not work – after a hateful season, the plug was compassionately drawn.


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