TV star Janin Ullmann: “I have to learn how to flirt again!” | Regional

Hamburg – She is a real man’s dream, the radiant beauty was at the side of TV star Kostja Ullmann (39).

But since the separation in 2018, actress and presenter Janin Ullmann (39, “The thing of the year”) is single. BILD spoke to her about loneliness, flirting and love.

Born in Erfurt, she remained loyal despite her marriage to Hamburg. How did she fare in lockdown? “At the beginning it was very difficult for me, then I felt really bad. It felt like hitting the wall with 220. “

And further: “I was in two relationships for 17 years and had to be completely alone with myself for the first time. But being alone and being lonely are also two different things because I have grown even closer together with my friends and my family. “

Have there been new dates? Janin laughs: “I have to relearn how to flirt, but I have no idea how … I’m not particularly good at dating, I don’t know how to do it.”

Janin had been in a relationship with Kostja Ullmann (37) since 2008 – the couple separated in 2018

Photo: dpa

In March 2020 there was still a hot flirt with the most expensive footballer of all time – Neymar (29, “Paris Saint-Germain”). But it stayed that way.

Janin: “A new love has to happen accidentally. Somehow unplanned and just like that. “

What does your dream man look like? “I couldn’t say that, I’m open-minded about the outcome. I let things happen to me, I am not looking and I love my life the way it is very much. If someone can add that – then gladly. “


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