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More than 200,000 children are abused each year in Germany, mostly in their own family. Father and mother are not always caring, loving companions of the development of their children.

Blows, kicks, burns, shaking traumas are commonplace. The affected children are often harmed for the rest of their lives. The ZDF television film «Stumme Schreie» confronts its viewers with these terrifying facts on November 18 at 8.15 pm. A sensitive television drama that shakes awake and points to a problem that is far too little addressed.

After case studies from the non-fiction book "Germany abuses his children" by medical specialist Michael Tsokos and Saskia Guddat from the Berlin Charité, Thorsten Näter has developed a shattering screenplay. Director Johannes Fabrick stages an emotional television film that is not based on sensationalism and that illuminates the difficult topic in a multi-faceted way and from all angles. "It's a human obligation to deal with it, and I wanted to follow it," says Fabrick in the press book. The following documentary "Tatort Nursery" analyzes how to better protect children.

At the center of the story is the young doctor Jana (Natalia Belitski), who begins an internship with the famous Professor Kurt Bremer (Juergen Maurer) at a Hamburg Institute of Legal Medicine. She is confronted with various cases of abused children instead of exciting criminal cases. Jana, who had to experience herself in her childhood, how her father beat her mother, takes the destiny of the children very much. As the death of an infant remains without consequences, she decides to get involved even more and to meddle consistently.

"One of the movie's strong points is that he tries to make the subject as honest as possible. That one can sympathize with all incomprehension, »says Natalia Belitski the German Press Agency. Credibly, the film describes how it can happen that parents lose control and leave out their anger at their children. All those concerned have their say – the overburdened parents, the helpless children, the doctors standing between the fronts, police officers and the staff of the youth welfare office and welfare institutions who have to make the difficult decision as to what is best for the children.

Natalia Belitski (35, "Bella Germania") plays Jana with great empathy. The other roles are well-filled, especially Hanna Hilsdorf as overburdened triple-mother Nicole, who is even on the desperate search for love and therefore can not separate from her violent friend Ronnie (Julius Nitschkoff). Juergen Maurer gives the experienced professor, who has preserved his humanity despite the numerous frightening cases. "If you were abused as a child, you often mistreat yourself later. This is an endless spiral of violence when no one is doing anything, "he says aptly.


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