TVP comments on the detention of its former journalist. “Wave of Criticism”

Radosław M. was, inter alia, a reporter of “Panorama” until 2016. Previously, he worked for Polish Radio – Program I and Information Radio Agency. The journalist was detained on Wednesday, September 21.

TVP comments on the detention of its former journalist Radosław M.

Now, Telewizja Polska spoke on this matter, stressing that “in March 2016, it broke off cooperation with Radosław M., who was arrested today on pedophilia charges”.

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“When Telewizja Polska terminated its cooperation with him in 2016 due to neglect of official duties and insubordination, Radosław M. began to publicly criticize the TVP program line and complain that he had allegedly not been allowed to reliably inform about the opposition. Then a wave of criticism fell on TVP. on the part of numerous media. Telewizja Polska does not agree to any attempts to associate it with the person of Radosław M. ” – we read in the official statement.

Radosław M. detained. Here is the content of the allegations

“In the course of the procedural steps, the prosecutor presented Radosław M. accusations – leading a minor under 15 years of age to submit to other sexual activities, presenting pornographic content to a minor, recording pornographic content involving a minor under 15 and possessing pornographic content with the participation of a minor” – PAP previously informed PAP spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, Aleksandra Skrzyniarz.

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She also stated that on the same day the prosecutor filed a motion with the court for pre-trial detention against the suspect. “The District Court for Warsaw Wola in Warsaw granted the prosecutor’s request and ordered the man under temporary arrest for a period of three months,” said the prosecutor Aleksandra Skrzyniarz.

source: PAP, TVP Information Center