TVP news immigrants Swedish series Netflix a mishap in the complaint of the National Broadcasting Council

On October 30, in the main issue of TVP’s “Wiadomości” TVP in Jakub Krzyżak’s material “Illegal immigration paralyzes Europe”, a scene recorded with a telephone was used to illustrate the situation in Sweden, from the set of a series shot for Netflix – “Quick Cash”.

– The author of the material did not say that it represents a real event, but that the situation is similar in many Swedish and European cities and countries – explained the editorial office of “Wiadomości” on Twitter. Screenshots of text fragments from foreign websites about gangs and the bomb attack in Sweden have been added to the post.

Kublik: The material violated the foundations of ethics

As he informs us Karolina Czuczman from the team of the KRRiT press spokesman, the Council received a total of received by Tuesday afternoon 14 complaints on this material. The author of one of them is a journalist from “Gazeta Wyborcza” Agnieszka Kublik, who informed about her motives on the portal.

– The material of the main TV daily Jedynka violated the foundations of journalistic ethics: on TVP Jacek Kurski they do not care about truth, objectivity and honesty – she wrote.

Kublik would like the National Broadcasting Council to investigate whether the material is there compliant with journalistic standards, but also whether it does not violate “the fundamental principles of journalistic ethics, including the principle truth, objectivity in separating information from commentary, honesty“. – I also ask the Council to evaluate the translation of TVP. Was it credible, and therefore consistent with the facts, that is, could the viewers actually find out that “the material about the crime wave in Sweden used a staged shot”? October 30 – the journalist informs.

Agnieszka Kublik also emphasizes that she asked for the complaint to be examined as a matter of urgency, because “TVP Jacek Kurski’s playing with anti-immigrant moods is extremely dangerous and the National Broadcasting Council should speak out on this matter as soon as possible.”

Olechowski: such things – with the competition

The head of the Television Information Agency, Jarosław Olechowski, explaining the use of frames from the set of the Netflix series in “Wiadomości”, recalled that in 2009 on TVN24 the photos from the series “Lost” were described as real events. “Due to the flood of fake news, I would like to inform you that in the material @WiadomosciTVP no photos from the series were used. Such things only in our competition;)” – he tweeted.

He added that “the recording of an anonymous internet user used in @WiadomosciTVP, although it showed a staged event, illustrated the real problem of a sharp increase in violent crime in Sweden. What the media in Europe and around the world are reporting about “.

According to Nielsen Audence Measurement, in September this year. the main edition of “Wiadomości” was watched by an average of 2.41 million people (9.5 percent less than a year ago), of which 1.88 million on TVP1 and 524.6 thousand. in TVP Info.