Twenty years later, Apple is no longer producing iPods

What began in 2001 is coming to an end. Apple announced yesterday that iPod production is nearing completion. The newest model, the iPod Touch, will no longer be manufactured, and that brings with it the end of a grand epic that spanned two decades. This was the next and last step of the manufacturer’s decision to permanently stop production of other popular models of the device in 2017, namely Shuffle and Nano.

The first edition of the iPod Touch caught our eye in 2007, and then we’ll see the launch of the latest iteration in 2019. Unfortunately, this end is a predictable one, because from 2001 until today, the company has found other more suitable, efficient and popular methods for streaming and sharing music, integrating the services in question on its other devices.

Music has always been a vital part of our company, and the fact that we’ve shared it with hundreds of millions of users via the iPod has done more than influence the music industry; redefined the way music is discovered, listened to and shared[…]The essence of the iPod will remain. When it comes to music, we’ve integrated a phenomenal experience into all of our products, from iPhone and Apple Watch to HomePod Mini, Mac, iPad and AppleTV. Apple Music also offers the highest quality sound quality with audio space support. There is no better way to discover, experiment and enjoy music.Greg Joswiak, vice president of Apple’s Worldwide Marketing division

So it won’t be long before fans see the latest iPods as the precious artifacts of a bygone civilization. You will certainly find them in the near future through a museum or a video that compiles retro stuff, but this is the way technology works. Until then, the latest versions of iPod Touch will be available for a while in authorized stores, within the available stock, and this reminds me of my first iPod Shuffle, which I even mixed all sorts of songs. .