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Twilight in the shape of two wings and the Milky Way galaxy above the volcano .. 10 amazing astronomical images

Our skies are filled with many wonderful phenomena that show the magnificence of the Milky Way galaxy, the stars embedded in it and the Northern Aurora. As it is difficult to see these phenomena, some photographers were able to capture masterpieces of the sky that show parts of our starry galaxy.

In this topic, we collect the best pictures in one of the competitions specialized in astronomy, which was presented by the site "Mirror" British ..

Twilight "src =" Twilight. Jpg "style =" width: 550px; "title =" Twilight

– A picture of the twilight in the shape of a bird with two wings.

Galaxy "src =" Galaxy. Jpg "Galaxy =" width = 550px; "title =" Galaxy

Each year the Milky Way galaxy is in its best location in September and October, and the galaxy is shown here after the photographer stood on the cliff to pick up that marvel after collecting it from 25 different shots.

The cave "src =" Cave. Jpg "cave =.

– This cave shows a view of the twilight and bright stars on the southern coast of Iceland.

Lighthouse "src =" منارة. Jpg "lighthouse"

– The photographer was able to get this picture of the Bodhi Island lighthouse on the outside of Carolina, surrounded by the Milky Way and the starry sky.

Snail "src =" snail. Jpg "snail"

This helix-like nebula appears in the shape of its shell, one of the brightest planetary nebulae, created by the end of the life of a star like our sun.

ألمع "src =" ألمع. Jpg "brightest"

– This image shows the most illuminated and illuminated parts of the galaxy above the top of the volcanic Damavand, the highest volcano in Asia and the Middle East.

Nebula 1

– This nebula is 8000 light years from Earth, where you can see the random colors of hot hydrogen in red, oxygen and sulfur in blue and green.

Sdm "src =" sdm. Jpg "style =" height: 358px; width: 550px; "title ="

– This image shows many astronomical objects that are fragmented, and this image contains a lot of nebula in space.

ثلج "src =" ثلج. Jpg "style =" height: 311px; width: 550px; "title =" snow

The Milky Way appeared above the snow in the Dolomite mountain range, where the photographer was able to capture that image at 5:30 pm after several panoramic shots.

0_Seven-color-feather-of-the-moon-Yiming-Li "src =" -Yiming-Li.jpg "style =" height: 367px; width: 550px; "title =" 0_Seven-color-feather-of-the-moon-Yiming-Li

This image shows the moon issuing a beautiful halo with the movement of clouds resembling the wings of the butterfly, the photographer used many shots to shoot that shot which is for him the most wonderful.

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