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Twin boys, 6 and 9 years old sister, killed at the school bus stop in Rochester, Indiana

ROCHESTER, Indiana –

A 24-year-old woman was charged with hitting three siblings Tuesday morning and injuring an eleven-year-old boy with her vehicle waiting for her school bus.

Alyssa Shepard is in police custody after causing the fatal accident in Rochester.

The police said the children are two twins and their sister. They were identified as 6-year-old Xzavier and Mason Ingle and 9-year-old Alivia Steel. All three were students of the Mentone Elementary School.

Alivia had allegedly shielded her twin brothers before they were fatally hit by the driver.

An 11-year-old boy who suffered multiple fractures was taken to a hospital in Fort Wayne.

The investigators said Shepard cooperates with their investigation.

Later on Tuesday, Shepard was charged with three cases of reckless homicide, an offense for ignoring a stop sign and causing injury.

The school group said in a statement, "Our school group suffered a tragedy this morning, and we heard of three students killed and one student severely injured and flown to a Fort Wayne hospital when they boarded one of their buses Vehicle were approached.

We have used all school counselors to meet the emotional needs of our employees, students and parents.

We are waiting to hear more confirmed details but would like to ask the church to pray together for the families, our students and our staff. "

"I have not seen first responders and soldiers for a long time," said the US police sergeant, Tony Slocum. "When the child father had to identify his children, it was only a mystery, we saw tears today and our hearts just go out to them, because most of us have children and we can not imagine the pain he felt today It was heartbreaking. It's still heartbreaking. "

Shepherd is charged with having indicted three cases of reckless homicide and a school bus offense in switching off the arm signaling device, resulting in physical injury. Shepherd was held in Fulton County Prison with a $ 15,000 bond.

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