Twin Class ‘Woosa’ is coming to Black Desert Mobile – That’s Gaming

Pearl Abyss has announced that the new Twin Class ‘Woosa’ will be arriving to Black Desert Mobile on January 17th. Woosa is a powerful elemental fighter who wields a fan and uses it to control the Sagoonja powers. Her abilities include Wingbeat, Butterfly Step, Stormfall, Cloudrise and Enlightened. Woosa’s combat trailer explains her abilities and their effects.

To celebrate the launch, Pearl Abyss is hosting a number of in-game events. Players can help collect training supplies from the Woodo School to earn rewards, and claim a Mysterious Power Chest for a chance of rare weapons.

Twin Class ‘Woosa’ promises to bring a unique and powerful combat experience to Black Desert Mobile. Players can look forward to her arrival on January 17th.