Twist, China found evidence of water on the moon twice

The Chinese space mission Chang’e 5 landed on the moon in December 2020 and today is the first that has managed to obtain two joint tests of the presence of water on the satellite. Scientists have now revealed that spectral scanning of the lander’s surface and analysis of samples in laboratories on Earth both show the presence of water in the reference region.

The results, however, do not indicate large reservoirs of water. The rocks and soil of the lunar surface contain about 30 parts of hydroxyl per million.

StocktrekGetty Images

The team also assessed that the source is mainly indigenous, contained in a crystalline mineral called apatite. Less hydroxyl than expected appears to come from the solar wind, the constant stream of charged particles flowing from the sun and through the solar system, which bars the moon and implants its surface of particles.

Future Chang’e missions will focus on the potential water ice that would be at the lunar south pole and send the Chang’e 7 mission for new analyzes similar to these.

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