Twisto will send new cards to customers. She found a replacement for the fallen Wirecard

The company expects that the number of card applications will gradually increase in connection with the planned communication. “We already know that about ten percent of customers will not apply for a card at all, will switch to virtual cards for online payment and will use Google Pay for payment in brick-and-mortar stores. At present, we have secured such a capacity for card production that there are no unnecessary delays, “said company spokesman Jan Husták.

The cards have been inoperable since Friday, when the German Wirecard declared insolvency after the discovery of widespread revenue counterfeiting and the British regulatory authority FCA revoked its banking license. Following the revocation of the Wirecard license from their systems, global card companies Visa and MasterCard have been disconnected worldwide. Millions of cards are out of service in Europe.

The fall of Wirecard also has a Czech victim. Twisto credit cards have stopped working

In the Czech Republic, the problem also affected eKasa payment terminals or Fidoo corporate card providers. According to Fidoo, he is waiting for the Wirecard service to be resumed.

“According to Wirecard, the resumption of operations can be expected within the next week. As soon as this restriction is lifted by the FCA, the Fidoo service will be immediately renewed for all clients in full, “the company said.

The limitation of functionality applies to ordering new Fidoo cards, card payments, incoming and outgoing transactions to a collection Fidoo account.

The collapse of Wirecard began last week, when its auditors stated that the company lacked more than 50 billion crowns, which it reported in its accounts. Some German politicians are demanding the departure of the head of the financial regulator BaFin due to a scandal.


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