Twitch app for Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung is consistently expanding its application offer available on Smart TVs, not forgetting the players. Now it’s time for a special platform for fans of watching virtual struggles of other users. Twitch is the most famous and popular solution of this type, used for live broadcasting of games or e-sports events. Watching other streamers (players) is great entertainment today, attracting a large community of fans around the world.

The popular application is available in Polish on all Samsung TVs produced in 2018-2022. Moreover, after scanning the QR code visible on the screen, it also provides connectivity with a smartphone. Using its keyboard, you can comment on the struggles of our favorite streamers on the TV screen and build a community of players together.

Owners of this year’s Samsung TV sets can use the application Xbox Game Pass on Smart TV. All you need is Internet access, a subscription to Xbox Pass and a XBOX or PS or other pad using Bluetooth to use hundreds of games from the Xbox Game Pass library, which are instantly streamed to the TV screen. The Xbox App is simply downloaded from the app store and you can enjoy unlimited entertainment right away.

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