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Twitch Star Ninja advises everyone who wants to start streaming

The current biggest streamer on Twitch, Fortnite star Ninja, has spoken in a short clip about the beginnings as a streamer. He gives some tips that newbies should pay attention to and advises against certain games.

That tells Ninja: In a tweet, Ninja explained how new streamers can best succeed. He gives a few, compact tips:

  • Do not start by streaming the most popular game on Twitch
  • Make a name for a smaller game
  • will switch to new releases if you have constant viewership

An exception is, if you are one of the really best players, like the young wonder talent Dizzy. As a successful top player you could achieve your reputation purely through tournaments and gameplay – even in a big game.

Which games should I stream? Ninja gives some examples of games that might be worthwhile right now:

Start with Rainbow Six: Siege or Call of Duty. Anything that is not League of Legends or Fortnite, where you have to scroll down for hours to find someone with 100 viewers.

With Rainbow Six and
Call of Duty delivers Ninja even directly newer entry-level games, the
also have the advantage of being up to date.

Call of Duty is well suited for beginners

That's the background of these tips: Behind the tips is the idea that as a new streamer you have no chance if you have to keep up with the known sizes. In the most popular games you will not notice and you will not get any viewers.

This is mainly due to the presentation of Twitch. If you click on a directory, you only see the channels that have the most viewers. This will be sorted in descending order. So if 300 people are calling Call of Duty, but 50,000 people are League of Legends, finding your channel in Call of Duty will be easier.

As soon as you have enough viewers to turn on permanently, you may be able to switch. Part of your community will probably watch newer games as well. So you stand in the game overview equal higher. Spectators do not have to scroll for a long time to find you.

Fortnite Week 3 Season 8 Loading Screen
Ninjas main game, Fortnite, is probably not the entry.

In smaller games you also have the advantage that other streamer in the same category may choose you to "host" you.

"Hosts" show the stream of another streamers when you're offline yourself, so the audience has something to watch.

Hosts often become aware of new and smaller streamers, which makes them an important means of growth. If you want to start as a streamer, here are some tips for starting your streamer career with German pros.

Who is ninja? Currently (as of March 25), Ninja is the streamer with the most followers on Twitch according to data from SullyGnome.

However, he is slowly catching up with Shroud, the "new face of Twitch," who already has more viewers on average and more audience hours.

Another competitor of Ninja: tfue.

However, with more than 13 million followers, Ninja is more than twice as far ahead of Shroud's 6 million. His throne seems to crumble:

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