The Twitter account of the well-known speaker Tom Henderson was blocked as a result of the Battlefield 6 leaks.

Well-known speaker Tom Henderson’s Twitter account was recently blocked. He also had to remove all Battlefield 6-related videos from his YouTube channel. Since Henderson had only recently leaked content about Battlefield 6 and the next Call of Duty offshoot, the conclusion that Electronic Arts is responsible for the suspension is obvious.

Henderson himself has recreated himself on a Twitter-Account reported and published the following update on the current state of affairs:

“I see some conspiracy theories floating around as to what happened to my Twitter and the answer is simple; My twitter got banned and I got a message why, so I protected myself before / if things progressed. I’m still waiting for the official statement from Twitter. “

“I stand by everything I have stated before, I just saw myself forced to remove the source of the content.”

The whole matter of course leaves a lot of scope for speculation as to why EA apparently thought this step was necessary.

On the one hand, this could mean that Henderson’s leaks were accurate, on the other hand, the publisher’s motivation could have been to stop the spread of misinformation. However, there are tons of videos on YouTube full of speculation about Battlefield 6, the creators of which do not face similar sanctions.

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