Twitter has a partial outage on Saturday morning

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It looks like problems on Twitter that started on Friday night will persist on Saturday morning. People on the east coast of the United States reported that while the page loaded, they were unable to send tweets and DMs. As of 11:00 a.m. ET on Saturday, the site was still having issues for many users.

There’s no official word on how widespread the outage is, but Twitter said Saturday it “fixed an issue” with its servers.

Twitter support posted a quick message on Friday night that it was looking into the matter and updated it on Saturday morning.

There’s no official word about how widespread the failure is. Downdetector, which monitors site outages, showed a massive spike in issues around 8:25 p.m. ET on Friday. Things seemed to be back to normal within an hour, but on Saturday morning at around 8 a.m. ET there was again a small increase in reported issues. Often times, these outages are the result of a problem with an intermediary service like Amazon Web Services, but the dashboard is all green at this point.

A message was posted on Twitter’s API Status website that the data team is “investigating a possible system anomaly that is currently affecting all Twitter API v2 endpoints as of 2021-04-17 12:00 UTC. The presence and extent of the impact on developers have not yet been determined at this point in time. However, we will provide an update as soon as we know more. “

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Update 17. April 11:23 ET: Adds more information about the failure

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