Twitter may have paid $ 4 billion for Clubhouse, but now the app has its own voice chat tool

Twitter had its sights on acquiring Clubhouse, the famous social network where only real-time audio chats are allowed. Bloomberg report that Twitter was in talks to acquire the platform with an approximate valuation of 4 billion dollars.

The report mentions that the discussions are no longer in progress And according to a person familiar with the matter, it is not clear why they ruled out continuing with the conversations.

The same outlet commented earlier this week that Clubhouse is in talks to raise funds from investors in a round valued at $ 4 billion. They note that after conversations with Twitter did not progress, they decided to explore whether it was feasible to seek financing.

Remember that Twitter already has its version of Clubhouse, is about Spaces or Spaces, which was launched in beta for the end of 2020 and allows users to create their public conversations in real time, with the possibility of adding more people to the conversation, while listening to them can also “participate” with some reactions.

Bruce Falck, Head of Revenue Product at Twitter commented at a press event on Wednesday that they are currently working to consider how the Spaces tool can be monetized.