Twitter mobilizes for Ben Arfa


Since Monday, the hashtag #Hatemchampion flourished on Twitter, many Internet users wanting to see Hatem Ben Arfa play a match of Ligue 1 by the end of the season, to allow him to be champion of France.

Quadruple champion of France with Olympique Lyonnais (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008) then crowned with the Olympique de Marseilles (2010), Hatem Ben Arfa could enter the history of Ligue 1 by winning a sixth title of champion of France. Only Jean-Michel Larqué and Hervé Revelli with Saint Etienne and Gregory Coupet, Sidney Govou and Juninho with Lyon , all seven champions of France, have indeed done better. To be crowned with three different clubs would also be an unprecedented performance in the championship. Still, it would be necessary for Ben Arfa, who has not played any game with the PSG for more than a year, comes into play in one of the last five matches of Ligue 1 in the Paris program by the end of the season. French champions are only considered to be players who display L1 playing time during the season, according to the regulations in force in the League. What provoke a mobilization on Twitter around the hashtag #Hatemchampion, many Internet users indeed asking Unai Emery and PSG to bring into play Hatem Ben Arfa by the end of the season to allow him to become him also, champion of France. @PSG_inside as a historical supporter (I had a flock jersey Leroy and Laurent not Jerome is saying), I have a request to make. Please do that @Hatem_Ben_Arfa can play to be champion with us. @neymarjr @vikash_dhorasoo @ThomMills @PierreMenes . #hatemchampion – Godard Mathieu (@ fame9one) April 16, 2018 The @PSG_inside must play Hatem Ben Arfa to be champion too #HatemChampion – Vincent Brochet (@Vincent_Brochet) April 16, 2018 Play Hatem a little game to be champion #HatemChampion – Lucie (@LucieBacon) April 16, 2018 go ahead @UnaiEmery_ you do not care anyway fired. So play it #HatemChampion – The Chat Pitre (@LeChat_Pitre) April 16, 2018 Always advising Hatem Ben Arfa, Michel Ouazine is hardly optimistic. “It would please him, there is not a player who has trained with his friends all year round who would not like to wear the jersey at least once, he indicated to 20 minutes. Do you think we can be “big” in this environment? I would be surprised, but I can dream … Finally, I do not believe in Santa Claus anymore … It would be extraordinary for PSG, if only for its image, but is it in this logic? ? “


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