Twitter prepares tweets of more than 280 characters

Twitter would already have a new type of extended post format which could be called Twitter Notes (Notes), although rumors also speak of an alternative name: Twitter Articles (Articles)

Bjoa the denonination Notes or Articles (Notes or Articles) tweets could be published with greater length of text which would also incorporate images, links and even other tweets

What these new ones would look likeextended and enriched tweets“, which has been leaked through her own Twitter account by journalist Jane Manchun Wong, bears many similarities to a blog post. The text would go far beyond the current limitation of 280 characters for a tweet (already expanded in 2017 from the original 140) and would also allow embedding images or even other tweets.

Even when sometimes that text limit is scarce and you want to post a longer comment without resorting to spreading it throughout a thread there are those who write said text in a Notes app, captures the screen and posts it as an image in a tweet. The problem with this type of resource is that the text, being an image, is not indexable by search engines, which makes it difficult to find and cannot be used for marketing and monetization purposes.

For a long time, Twitter has been defined as a “microblogging platform” and now it seems that they want to get rid of the “micro” particle to allow a tweet to offer the information equivalent to that of a blog post.

In a way, it would be about offering an alternative to threads or the inclusion of a tweet within another with the addition of additional text, as in retweets with a quote. With the new possibilities derived from this format on Twitter, they would seek to capture the value of those longer publications that cannot always be enjoyed in the most comfortable way precisely because of the union of the different fragmented deliveries offered by the platform given its limitations.

It would also be one more alternative in terms of disseminating content in different formats, to add to the recently incorporated Newsletters, which arrived in 2021 thanks to the Revue platform acquired by Twitter.