Twitter has cleared out thousands of automated accounts, many of which posed as democrats posting tweets urging US voters to hold crucial Tuesday's midterm elections, according to media reports.

The reports cited a statement from Twitter on Friday stating that the social media company "removed a set of accounts for attempting to exchange disinformation in an automated manner – violated our policies."

CNN said the Democratic Congress campaign committee had alerted Twitter to the accounts that were removed in late September and early October.

"For the elections this year, we have open lines of communication and direct, simple escalation paths for state election officials that DHS and campaign organizations of both major parties establish," the statement said.

Twitter said the account network was based in the United States, but did not provide details on how the accounts work.

For months, Twitter has been trying to eliminate automated and fake accounts in order to manipulate public conversation on Twitter, in response to concerns over Russia's involvement in the 2016 elections.

In October, the platform said the number of active users decreased by nine million in the last quarter as a result of these efforts.

US President Donald Trump recently complained that Twitter had removed some of his followers.

Twitter released a statement stating that the company had removed thousands of accounts for "engaging in attempts to automatically exchange disinformation," which violates the platform's guidelines


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