Twitter struggles to retain heavy users = internal data | Reuters

(Reuters) – Twitter is struggling to retain its most active users, which it calls “heavy tweeters,” it said. Reuters confirmed the contents of the internal investigation documents.

Although heavy tweeters account for less than 10% of all monthly active users, they account for 90% of all tweets and generate half of Twitter’s global revenue. However, according to an internal research document titled “Where have tweeters gone?”, heavy tweeters have “absolutely decreased” since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic. As the deadline for the acquisition of Twitter proposed by businessman Elon Musk approaches, the major challenges facing the company are highlighted.

Twitter defines heavy tweeters as users who log in 6-7 days a week and post their own tweets 3-4 times a week.

Internal research also found a change in the interests of its most active English-speaking users over the past two years, which could make Twitter less attractive to advertisers.

The fastest-growing concerns among these English-speaking heavy tweeters are cryptocurrencies and “Not Safe For Work” content, such as adult-oriented content such as nude images. Conversely, interest in news, sports and entertainment is waning. Until now, Twitter’s existence has been made brighter by active tweets about news and sports.

Twitter did not disclose the specific number of overall tweets that were in English or the specific revenue from English speakers. But it’s this distribution that matters to Twitter’s business, analysts said.

Indeed, Twitter’s letter to investors shows that advertising revenue in the U.S. alone surpassed all other markets in the fourth quarter. One analyst said most of the ads placed in the U.S. were likely aimed at English-speaking users.

Internal research documents explain that the survey was conducted to examine trends that may be hidden by the growth in the number of daily active users and to better understand the reality of the decline in heavy tweeters. However, there is no specific analysis result on the reason for the decrease in heavy tweeters.

When asked about the internal research on Tuesday, a Twitter spokesperson said: “We regularly look at different trends based on what’s happening around the world. Our total audience continues to grow and is profitable. Daily Active Users (mDAU) reached 238 million in the second quarter.”

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