Twitter users manipulated, says Elon Musk! Jack Dorsey answer

Even with the Twitter purchase process put on pause, Elon Musk has not slowed down with his publications on this network. He continues to cause controversy and broadcast his most aggressive opinions to provoke his followers.

During the weekend it was no different and there is a new controversy to be discussed. Twitter was once again the topic, but this time there was a direct response, coming from the creator of the social network, Jack Dorsey.




Despite intending to spend the 44 billion dollars on the purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk wants to change a lot in this network. He believes that it can be more free and that users can express themselves even more openly, without any filter or censorship.

In addition, it wants to put an end to fake accounts, which will have led to this purchase being put on hold. Now he has pointed his finger again and revealed something he considers wrong, focusing on Twitter's algorithm and what it delivers to users.

In the publication he made, he revealed that he believes that the Twitter algorithm is manipulating users in ways that they do not imagine. You want to change the way users access new content and new posts.

To show this he advised users to see the latest tweets posted. Only in this way can they assess what the Twitter algorithm is sharing with users and how that changes with the use of this processing.

Of course, the answer didn't take long to come, coming from the creator of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. According to him, the functionality that Elon Musk revealed is meant to be used when users are away from their accounts.

Elon Musk later ended up trying to resolve the situation to be fine in the case. changed your opinion and denied that he was doubting the usefulness of this algorithm, even though it can amplify the opinions of Twitter users, without them noticing it.

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