Twitter’s font change is its latest move to combat rampant impersonation – LifeMax

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It appears that Twitter has been updated with a new font, which may not be purely for aesthetic reasons.

Over the past few months, Twitter has undergone some causes, some of which did not even get an explanation, leaving users on the platform to discover and theorize on their own. Well, as you might have guessed, a new change has been launched on the platform, with the latest change in the look of a new font being used on the web version of Twitter. While the change is subtle, some have speculated that this change is about more than just looks.

According to The Verge, the font was changed on the web version of Twitter maybe a day ago, but as mentioned before, it was a minor change, so if you didn’t notice, it wouldn’t be a big deal. While small changes like this can sometimes be nice to freshen up the look, it seems there could also be alternative reasons for the change, and that could be the case as The Verge reports.

According to the news outlet, it appears the change could have been made in an effort to get rid of impersonators on the platform. You may ask how font changes do this? Well, sometimes impersonators try to get clever by using numbers for letters, like a zero for the letter “O” when creating a username. But with the new font change, this kind of deception won’t look quite as deceptive as the new font introduces hash marks over the number zero and also adds tails to letters like the lowercase “L.” You can see an example of this in the tweet above.

The change only appears to affect those using the web version of Twitter, as the iOS and Android apps haven’t seen the new font in use yet. Naturally, this could apply to both apps, or things could change completely before the app even goes live. Without Twitter announcing the changes, it’s really hard to know what will stick and what won’t. But, rest assured, if there’s a change, someone will notice and you’re bound to hear it out.


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