Two Beninese Journalists Elevated to the Rank of Commander of the National Order of Benin for Service in Media Sector

Two Beninese journalists were elevated to the rank of Commander of the National Order of Benin on Thursday, June 1, 2023.

In Benin, former advisers to the High Authority for Audiovisual and Communication (HAAC) and journalists Agapit Napoléon Maforikan and Sébastien Agbota are now part of the inner circle of commanders of the National Order of Benin.

They were both decorated on June 1, 2023, at the headquarters of the Grand Chancellery of the National Order of Benin in Cotonou, for service rendered to the nation, particularly in the media sector.

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For Falilou Akadir, Vice-Grand Chancellor, it is their professionalism, ease and versatility that make them exceptional clerks in the service of the State and the private sector. He also mentions their dedication to the cause of the Nation and their high sense of responsibility as reasons that motivate this national recognition.

2023-06-02 17:13:16

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