Two Black Americans Claim Rights to ‘White Lives Matter’ Slogan

Two black American radio hosts have obtained the rights to the controversial slogan ‘White Lives Matter’. As a result, American rapper Kanye West cannot market clothing with that slogan without their permission.

Ramses Yes and Quinton Ward, hosts of a radio show in Phoenix, were given the rights of an anonymous listener. He thought, Ja told the American news program ABC News, that the two presenters are in a better position to determine how the rights can be used in a positive way.

The “White lives matter” slogan arose in response to the protest movement Black Lives Matter (literally: black lives matter). That movement addressed police brutality against African Americans in the United States. After George Floyd’s death in 2020 as a result of excessive police brutality, the protest movement gained a worldwide following.

Far-right groups in the US coined the slogan ‘White lives matter’ in response. The slogans ‘Blue Lives Matter’ (in support of police officers) and ‘All Lives Matter’ also became popular slogans, often used by counterparts of ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Last month, American rapper Ye appeared at Paris fashion week with conservative talk show host Candace Owens wearing a T-shirt bearing the slogan “White lives matter.” Many people left the room in protest. Ye received a lot of criticism on social media, to which he responded with anti-Semitic statements.

Consent required

The rapper said he would be marketing the controversial T-shirts soon, but it won’t be without permission from the two Arizona radio hosts. They were given the rights to the slogan of a listener who wishes to remain anonymous. Anyone wishing to use the slogan commercially will have to ask for their permission.

Yes and Ward told the American news channel CNN that they don’t want the slogan falling into the wrong hands and people making money from it. During the conversation, they also referred to Ye’s controversial move. ‘Although he hurts many people and sows division with his sometimes crazy statements, he has a very loyal following. Whenever he puts something on the market, it sells out.’