Two brigadier generals die in less than 24 hours in Havana

In less than 24 hours, two died. brigadier generals of the MINFAR reserve in Havana, Armando Felipe Quiñonez Machado and Enrique Acevedo González, reported this Thursday night the official Noticiero Estelar de la Televisión Cubana.

According to the concise obituary published, Quiñonez Machado was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General in December 1993 and was an active member of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution and the Communist Party of Cuba. He participated in the armed conflicts in Angola, Ethiopia and Nicaragua.

As for Enrique Acevedo González, the official note indicates that was linked to the FAR since 1957, with only 14 years of age, under the orders of Ernesto Che Guevara and later Fidel Castro.

In his transit through the FAR He was Chief of Staff and Chief of the Infantry Division in the Central and Western Armies, Chief of the Provincial General Staff of the City of Havana, Chief of the Combat Preparation Section in the Western Army and was part of the Inspection Body of the FAR among others.

With this last general, the official journalist Luis Báez published an interview in his book Secrets of Generalsfrom 1996.

Báez recounts that Acevedo González’s father was the son of a Franco sympathizer who migrated to Cuba and used to say at home after Batista’s coup in 1952: “You Cubans need a strong hand: Franco in Spain and Batista in Cuba”.

In 1977 Acevedo González participated for the first time in the war in Angola and then in 1987 he fought alongside the Namibian Liberation Army (SWAPO). He was the brother of Rogelio Acevedo González, a division general who was also deceased.