Two children are in serious condition after being shot in San Bernardo

Two minors, ages 9 and 15, are in serious condition after being shot while traveling by car with their father in the San Bernardo commune.

Officials of the OS-9 of Carabineros carries out investigations to determine the perpetrators of the bullets, who during the night fired their weapons of fire just as the father was driving home with his children in the vehicle.

As reported by the major Juan Espinoza, prefect of service of the Maipo Prefecture, the father heard various noises that he associated with fireworks, however, when trying to talk with his children, he noticed that both were not speaking and when he turned to see them in the The rear seat of the vehicle found that both were bleeding profusely.

The confusing incident at San Bernardo

After the incident, the father rushed his children to the Parish Hospital of San Bernardo, from where one of them was transferred to the Barros Luco hospital and the other to Sótero del Río.

At the moment, and according to preliminary information from CHV Noticias, Both remain hospitalized in serious condition, while Carabineros is already working on some hypotheses of the accident, among them, that of a confrontation between two subjects or rival gangs in the sector. who would have left the vehicle in a “line of fire” while the shots were being fired.

This theory was confirmed by the grandmother of the minors, who in statements to CHV Noticias stated that the children’s father “was left in the middle of a confrontation” and that the youngest of the victims “had already been operated on,” while the 15-year-old “would still have a bullet” lodged in your body.

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