Two dead, thousands without electricity and flights canceled by the winter storm in the US

The winter storm that affected the southern states of the United States over the weekend, and that advanced this Monday by the northeast, it has left thousands of people without power and numerous canceled flights, in addition to at least two deaths.

The storm continued its advance towards the north this Monday and left heavy snowfall in areas of the northeastern US, the Central Appalachians, and the lower Great Lakes (Ontario, Huron, and Erie).

The prediction of the US Weather Service indicated that the storm will go into southeastern Canada this Tuesday.

As it passed through the southern and northeastern United States, the meteorological phenomenon left thousands of people without power, and about 100,000 were still without recovery on Monday night, according to data from the website

In North Carolina, 31,362 users began Monday without light and more than 7,000 still did not have it at night; Meanwhile in South Carolina, 30,171 also woke up without electricity; in Georgia, 24,146; and in Virginia Occidental, with 24,089.

Mortal accident

Authorities in North Carolina reported that two people, both 41, were killed in an accident in the state when visibility conditions were poor due to the storm.

What’s more, more than 1,700 flights were canceled this Monday at different airports in the US and 3,451 that had a destination or departure in the country suffered delays, notes the website

The most impacted airport is Charlotte, in North Carolina, with 223 cancellations, followed by the Reagan National, in Washington DC, with 94, and the Newark Liberty, in New Jersey, with 72.

Also, the railway company Amtrak canceled several trains in the northeast of the US, such as the one that connects the capital of the country with New York, or the one that operates between Richmond (Virginia) and Boston.