Two Decades Then Insisted on Independence, East Timor’s Economic Condition Is Even More Deteriorated, Just Look at the Comparison with Indonesia’s Provinces that Are So Neighbors

Sosok.ID – It has been 18 years since May 20, 2002, Timor Leste officially became independent and gained recognition from the United Nations.

Since then, Indonesia, through the government and security forces, began to withdraw its presence in the easternmost region of the island of Timor in September 1999.

Although it has been independent for 18 years from the Republic of Indonesia, Timor Leste has not yet moved to prosper. Even now the country’s economic growth has plummeted.

Massive unemployment threatens the poor country, not to mention the threat of food shortages.

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Timor Leste’s natural wealth also does not provide complete well-being to its people.

Even this country continues to fall into poverty until it is included in the category of the poorest country in the world by international institutions

While East Nusa Tenggara, which is part of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia which borders directly with Timor Leste, shows the opposite results

The island province known as the Earth Flobamora continues to show significant economic growth.

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