Two different cars but one common license plate

Asunción: Rafael González, head of the National Police’s vehicle control department, told Radio Monumental yesterday morning that the police had already started the investigation.

In this case it was found that the license plate and chassis were counterfeit and there were even documents indicating that the victim who reported it had sold the vehicle.

González mentioned that this is how they operate with vehicles that are usually stolen in Brazil to put up for sale in the country. He said that somehow they get data from the Directorate of the Register of Motor Vehicles and compare it with the characteristics of a similar car.

Those involved do not rule out that there is a whole structure behind the case that is also “rummaging around” in the police vehicle data.

Larissa Janet Candia Villamayor, a resident, reported the incident on 911 on Wednesday, prompting officers from the City 3rd Police Station to go to the scene and confirm the situation.

In the streets Nuestra Señora de la Asunción and General Díaz, in the center of Asunción, the sign, which the Denunziantin Trademark Society claimed, was found preserved.

It was a red Hyundai Accent with registration number BNP 192.

The vehicle with the cloned number plate was taken to the police station and a person named Katerin Soledad Almada Garay, who allegedly bought it from a car dealership a year ago, posed as the vehicle’s owner.

Weekly / Ultima Hora

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