SItaly's authorities killed at least 12 people on Sunday after causing catastrophic flooding.

Among the dead are nine members of two families who spent a long weekend together in a country house near Palermo, inundated by the waters of a rapidly swelling river.

Quick water quickly filled the villa in Casteldaccia, in the province of Palermo, destroying the families who spent Saturday night celebrating the National Day of All Saints.

State broadcaster RaiNews24 said that the only survivor of the flooded house in Casteldaccia had stepped outside as the creek stormed in with water and mud.

Giuseppe Giordano told the reporters when he opened the door, "There was a river of water, I was knocked down and grabbed a tree." I shouted, "Help, help."

Italian news reports that the dead were a one-year-old, a three-year-old and a teenager.



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