Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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Two fashion star photographers, Mario Testino and Bruce Weber, accused of sexual harassment

The photographer of the royal family, holder of the legion of honor, is in the eye of the storm in turn after the revelation of the Harvey Weinstein affair. His counterpart Bruce Weber is in the same situation. It is an earthquake in the hushed world of international fashion. Two of his giants are overtaken by a charge of sexual harassment. Featured photographer Mario Testino , reference of the world of fashion, from Vogue to the British royal family, Kate Moss’s unwavering professional partner, is accused of sexual harassment by 13 men quoted in an article of the New York Times published Saturday . Bruce Weber also accused In the same article published Saturday, 15 male models, still active or retired, also accuse another star photographer, Bruce Weber, of sexual harassment. In early December, he had already been sued for sexual assault by model Jason Boyce. Bruce Weber’s lawyer did not respond. No more impunity This new episode of the wave that hits the world of entertainment, media, fashion and politics since the revelations of the New York daily on Harvey Weinstein also concerns another fashion photographer, Bruce Weber, already implicated and subject to new charges. 63-year-old Peruvian, Mario Testino has photographed in over 40 years of career dozens of advertising campaigns for major fashion houses and seen his shots in one of the most prestigious magazines, including “Vogue” to many times. Mario Testino took the photo of professional tennis player Serena Williams with her baby for the cover of the February edition of the magazine, unveiled this week. READ ALSO > When Neymar posed for Mario Testino He has also signed notable portraits of celebrities, including the official engagement photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as a series of photos of Princess Diana in 1997, published in Vanity Fair magazine. It’s also the darling of many top-model stars like Irina Shayk or Bella Hadid. His muse is called Kate Moss. “Sexual harassment was a constant reality” Several male models, including local stars, as well as former assistants of Mario Testino accuse the photographer of having made advances to them, even to have frankly tried to initiate a sexual intercourse, but none said to have yielded. “It was a sexual predator,” says Ryan Locke, a supermodel in the late 1990s. He says that during a photo shoot, Mario Testino asked the entire team to leave the room to find themselves alone with him and then would have thrown himself on him. “I’m the girl, you’re the boy,” the photographer told the model, who explains to have removed before leaving the place. A former photographer’s assistant, Hugo Tillman, said he had a similar experience, while another, Roman Barrett, says Mario Testino rubbed his leg and masturbated in front of him. “Sexual harassment was a constant reality,” he says. Mario Testino has neither reacted nor responded to the requests of the press. In October, several magazines and major fashion brands announced that they would no longer work with the photographer Terry Richardson, known for his provocative photos and suspected for years of sexually harassing his female models. In France, the photographer David Hamilton also accused of rape and sexual assault by several women including the host Flavie Flament in 2016.

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